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Features & Benefits

High Quality Filtration Products

90 day lifespan

Depending on water quality and usage, a Shower-Safe filter can last for several months based on the frequency of showering and the clarity of source water

Quick Look at lifespan

  • Industry leading lifespan
  • Large volume filtering capacity
  • No shelf-life or expiration date
  • Optional pre-filter for extended life
  • Low flow-rate with amazing pressure


Replaceable Filter

Reduce costs and reduce waste with a high-quality product allowing you to replace the expended filter cartridge and keep using the rest of the product for years

How to reduce and reuse

  • Investment once in full filter unit
  • Estimate water quality and use
  • Install and monitor water flow
  • Schedule filter replacement
  • Follow replacement instructions


> Log 7 Reduction

Log 7 reduction means 99.99999% bacteria is removed from the water. The filter has been determined to have the ability of preventing transfer of Legionella pneumophila beyond its enclosed hollow fiber membrane by Industrial Microbiological Services, Ltd. (IMSL).

Lab-tested Results

  • Effective as a barrier to transmission
  • More than 99.99999% reduction
  • No Legionella passed through
  • Lab simulated long term use
  • The product exceeds Log 7

Lab testing

Micrometer pore

The Environmental Protection Agency criterion for bacteria removal is that the membrane should filter out any bacteria 1 micron (μm) or larger. The membrane pore area is less than one micron at roughly .08 μm

What does it mean?

  • Meets EPA criteria
  • Micrometer pore size
  • Smaller than all bacteria
  • Effectively filters all bacteria
  • Classifies as Ultrafiltration

Hollow Fiber Membrane

Fully certified

Safe Water Products Limited guarantees the product quality through rigorous testing, advanced manufacturing, meticulous design and vigorous management, and warrants for the warranty period of one year that its products will be free from substantial defects in materials and workmanship.


  • CE Marked
  • UKAS
  • IMSL
  • EPA Criteria


Invest Safely

Anti-Legionella filters are very cost effective and a great investment considering how long the filter lifespan is compared to the majority of competitor filters. This is in part due to the innovative design that produces a high-pressure feel at decreased water pressure. They simply last longer than normal.

Quick Look at benefits

  • Reusable and replaceable parts
  • Longer lasting than competition
  • Available pre-filter extends life
  • Water-saving flow-rates
  • Avoid costly shut-downs



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